A Journey of Friendship

Since 2012, a small group of friends, led by Michael Kramer and Warren Butler, started an annual tradition to celebrate our friendship, and our September birthdays.

Are you or anyone you know celebrating a Birthday in September? Then come Party at the Amigos September Birthdays Dance Party at Montecito Event Center to Benefit Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. This party is for YOU!"

Today the "Amigos" party is for all our friends to come and celebrate our friendship.  With the needs of so many in our Santa Barbara community it was only fit to share our friendship, though donations, with those in greater need than ourselves.  Who knows when any of us will find ourselves in need and be fortunate enough to have people and organizations there to catch us.

In 2015 our heart goes out to The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.  Their mission is to support those families with children living with cancer.

All are welcome to join the spirit of friends enjoying friends, and supporting friends we don't even know.  Our hope is to make a difference in the lives of anyone that participates in these events and those that will benefit from these events.


Your 2015 Host Amigos

Michael Kramer, Warren Butler and Scott Topper