Santa Barbara Merchant Services

Santa Barbara Merchant Services
From humble beginnings, Santa Barbara Merchant Services was born locally and built for business anywhere our clients take us. Celebrating our 7th year this last March we feel like we have overcome some hurdles and excited for the next obstacle. Regardless of who is running for office, we look toward new technology, expanding our minds with new concepts, but most of all making and retaining friends both locally and throughout the United States.  
As a software company, we provide a simple way for businesses to understand customers and grow sales which differentiates us from all others in this industry. With information from the payment network, in-store systems, guest wifi, and the social web, SBMS makes it easy to understand what brings customers back.  SBMS provides game-changing insights, the ability to engage and align your customers, trend monitoring and a better approach to payments.

Restaurant Merchant ProcessingKnow Your Guests in a Whole New Way.

The payment network remembers every guest: favorite dishes, past visits, upcoming reservations, average spending and more. Blending reservations, point-of-sale, marketing and guest feedback into a single Guest Book, across one location or one hundred, Santa Barbara Merchant Services gives you a 360­ degree view of each guest, so you can elevate their experience.

Running a restaurant isn’t going to get easier.
But it will get smarter.

Whether it’s optimizing the menu, strengthening your online reputation, or analyzing sales, Santa Barbara Merchant Services helps you focus on what’s most important to your business. Wake up each morning to a daily digest that tells you everything you need to know, and prepare before each night’s service with Shift Prep, so you can make the moves that matter.

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