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The Dance with Harout Performance Co. is run under founder and artistic director, Harout Aristakessian. Harout has performed professionally all over Los Angeles. Some of his credits include, Disney Channel (So Random), Cody Simpson, LA Coliseum, LA Nokia Theater and several other entertainment arenas/artists. 

Harout received a scholarship at Millennium Dance complex and was trained by a high caliber of renowned choreographers in Entertainment.  He moved to Santa Barbara for school at UCSB and wanted to start a group that implemented technique taught in an accessible way to students from all walks of life!
Besides running his performance company, he also teaches fitness classes in Santa Barbara that are easy, repetitive and fun! The focus is getting a great workout while utilizing Hip hop and Burlesque moves to an hour of heart pumping cardio music! If you're interested in dancing with Harout in his open cardio dance classes, Hip Hop Choreography or Burlesque classes and or his Performance Co., get in touch with him at [email protected] or check out his FB page!

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