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K-LITE 101.7FM - Scott Topper Radio Personality
Scott Topper Radio Personality

Scott Topper
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Music is Scott Topper's passion. Scott is an American on-air Radio Personality and TV Show Host/Producer.

Scott started his career on the East coast as a mobile DJ entertainer in the New Jersey/Philadelphia/New York area. His first radio gig was a three-year U.S. touring host of ABC Radio program's “American Top-40 On-Tour” with Shadoe Stevens.

Scott received three Emmy nominations for his FOX Kids TV Show “Topper’s Clubhouse.” Scott loves improvisation and co-starred in "Hypnotalk" on E! Entertainment TV, and played an alien Kantare Guard on Star Trek: DS9. Scott studied and performed Improv Comedy at The Groundlings in Los Angeles, and he performed improv in Santa Barbara with “Tater Tots” and “Troupe du Jour.” As “Night Guard Scott,” Mr. Topper toured the United States doing Improv and promoted the DVD release of the movie “Night at the Museum” for Twentieth Century Fox. 

Scott virtually hosts a remote corporate team-building activity, Airbnb's Improv Comedy Fun & Games Online Experience for businesses around the world to help share a few laughs and relieve isolation stress during the pandemic. Scott has also authored over ten books and DVD's on Public Speaking that are sold on Amazon.com.

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